The American Committee on Asian Economic Studies (ACAES) endeavors to promote the study of Asian economies and to foster scholarly exchange between Asian economists and their counterparts around the world.


Asia Economics Blog

ACAES launched the Asia Economics Blog on 18 June 2020. The aim is to draw contributions broadly from the diverse community of economists who study Asia and with that to generate lively discussion. Categories include:  Current Issues; Research; Reviews; Activities; and Publishing Environment. The inaugural blog post by ACAES President Calla Wiemer is on "The State of Academic Journal Publishing: Elsevier vs Academics".

The Asia Economics Blog serves as the new flagship of ACAES, replacing the Journal of Asian Economics which played that role for 30 years, ending with the June 2020 issue. Under ACAES, the Journal had a proud history of developing good ideas into strong publications and setting a high standard in articles that yielded fresh insight. For more on the Journal, and the letter writing campaign waged by 43 stakeholders to save it against a takeover by Elsevier, see the journal entry under the History tab in the menu.

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